Runes Cheats Alice Vs Wonderland iPhone

Alice Vs Wonderland is a new dungeon crawling trading card game where you will be able to take a role as Alice, Belle along with other fairy tale or Disney Princess type of characters

alice versus wonderland tips

Here, your main goal is to go back into Wonderland and fight against the evil that has taken over it
Then, you should even enlist the help of other evil characters like the Wicked Queen herself.

Throughout the game, you will see some text that says 1x in the bottom left corner of the battle screens.

At this point, you are able to set this to either 2x or Auto to speed it up.
However, there is no need to keep it out of auto mode as all of the attacks and healing moves will take place automatically, so set it to auto to speed the battles along.

Later on, when selecting an ally to invite, make sure to choose the one whose rarity is the highest and whose experience level is the highest in which they are for the best additional chance at winning the level.

In order to get others and to pick your leader, make sure to select your highest leveled and rarest card as your leader, so that it will show to other players and also it will earn you more FP or friend points.

Once getting some rare cards, just hit the summon area of the shop for some rare summons
And, for the common summons, you can try to play the dungeon until you earn more cards.

If you come to the unwanted cards, just go to the “upgrade” area and use them as sacrifices in order to level up your rarer cards and your favorite cards in general
Doing so will increase all of their statistics.

Furthermore, you must also evolve a card
When doing an evolution of your cards, you must have a card with its maximum level along with a select bit of a type of evolution material
Sometimes, it will be different based on what card you are trying to evolve.

After leveling your card its level will drop back down to one, but its stats will be boosted.
For such reasons, you must then do an upgrade on it immediately afterwards for a big stat boost and level boost as well.

The arena will open up after you hit player level 35, which will get you to speed that along
In line with this, you can try to complete the quests and the dailies to earn quick experience points, and fight as often as possible.

In the way of gaining enough levels and earning enough drops that you can improve your team, you can do it either by adding rarer cards or simply upgrading your existing cards.

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