How to Collect More Coins in Angry Birds Epic iPhone

When playing angry birds epic game, you must complete each quest and defeat pigs to get more coins
Here, you will be assigned to accomplish your main goal that is to quest from stage to stage, defeating a nearly endless army of pigs, rescuing birds, earning treasure, and unlocking loads of tv, comics and other goodies.

angry birds epic tips

Every time, you can complete each quest on stage that you have already beaten before, you will earn experience points
And, each time that you gain an experience level, every single one of your birds will receive a boost in both health and attack power.

For you to notice is that, there is no lives or energy limiter in this game, so you can battle as many times as you want, as quickly as you want, in order to earn energy that you require for the next stages.

Furthermore, you will have to get more equipment before going to the battlefield.
According to this, you will need to unlock various shops, which can only be done by getting through stages until you unlock specific weapons, helmets and shields.

Weapons will increase your attack power when battling with pigs along the game
Meanwhile, shields will increase your health and your helmets will change your attacks and your alternate moves.
Each of them will also have a different buff, such as effects on you or the enemy.

Besides equipments, you will be needed to use the anvil to craft something
For such reasons, you will need the materials in which you simply try to look at what materials you need, then go back through old stages to see which ones have a needed material as the featured item in this game.

Afterwards, you can then play them, spin the wheel and get the item.
You can repeat that action as you need.

In order to beat a tough stage, you must always have enough banana potions and other items.
you will need especially for certain replayed stages, which will be tougher than the first time you played them in the beginning.

You can do the same thing as above like hunting for test tubes, water and bananas, then using them on crafting banana juice and load up.
During in the battles, your best strategy will usually be to focus on knocking off one single pig at a that time.

When being in this section, you can use the alternate moves for your birds so that you can increase your defense, get healed, attack, and whatever else then focus on killing one pig for coins.

Anyway, if you have the yellow bird equipped with the Lightning Bird hat, and you need healing, you will be allowed to use the Lightning Fast move on the Cleric to make her attack once
In the mean time, you can then make her attack again.
Note that when she attacks everybody gets healed at that moment, so this will double the healing for free for your birds.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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