Gems Gold Coins Cheats Angry Gran Toss iPhone

In angry gran toss game, gems and golds are the main currencies that you can collect through social media and achievements

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You can receive free gold by logging into the game via Twitter and Facebook.
By doing so, you will be rewarded with 5,000 coins apiece and 2 free gems as a bonus everytime you connect the game to Facebook.

Moreover, try getting more free gems by completing various achievements that can be unlocked by hitting the “trophy” icon on the main menu.
By having enough gems, you can buy the best cannons, guns, flying contraptions and power ups in the game.

In addition you will shoot her out of a cannon to make her fly above the sky while hitting a bunch objects including bombs, ammo boxes, blimps and nets
Those objects that you have got will either help her, knock her down, or send her to fly even higher.

Except gold and gems, you will encounter the other currency that is granny gold or coins that you will collect during the game play

Each time you play and launch the granny will earn plenty of some coins
So the farther you launch the granny to go, the more coins you can get through the game.
Having those coins will give you a chance of purchasing better guns, better cannons and better flying contraptions, so that you will earn more coins

When shooting gran with the gun closing to the ground, it will automatically bounce her back up to the top of the previous jump whereby it will give you plus some extra including coins

Meanwhile, it will be the best way of increasing her distance.
In addition, doing a perfect launch will earn you up to 150 coins at a time as a bonus.

For further level, using the right pets will give you some coins as well.
It is caused by those pets will knock over Chavs, fire hydrants, bombs and other money-earning items just as Gran can
As a result many of them provide bonuses for such things as collecting ammo boxes or hitting adverts.

However, you must pick your pets wisely too, whereby it depends on what your goal to have the right pet give you a great boost when playing the game.

Note that if you want to get the more coins you can use Woody the Soldier as an excellent pet
For such reason, you will get 250 gold per power up that you hit

On the other side, you will get the higher up that you bounce or shoot yourself while earning power ups as you go.

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