Candies Cash Cheats Another Case Solved for iPhone

Another Case Solved is a new match three puzzle game, you take a role as a young rookie private investigator in which you have to complete the main goal that is to find out what is behind the candy ban in your city starting from minor cases to taking some of the biggest cases in the history of your town.

another case solved tips

Along the game, you will collect some items in that there are two different types of items you can collect during the match three game such as the basic ones like footprints, question marks and the special ones, like evidences, maps, fingerprints etc.

At that point, you will not be able to collect too all of them, so try to collect few starting with huge chains of clues to reward you with more Evidence.
Afterward, you can try to collect evidence only when you have rows available.

Brass knuckles, fingerprints, maps, etc. are all evidence that can be collected to increase your score and to get rid of suspects whereby you have to make big chains with the basic items like footprints and question marks.

When being in your effort of revealing the truth toward the subjects, you can start asking the right questions that will be used as the evidences.

Try to look at your suspects and ask questions that would eliminate the most people.
In accordance with this, each additional question will cost 1 evidence more
And, you can always eliminate suspects using power-ups if your are doubt about them.

On the other side, make sure to use your skills and tools to help you achieve every given goal and at the end of the case, you will be rewarded with the big bonus including cash.

Newspapers are the way you find your minor jobs, and they will come at specific time intervals
Meanwhile, they will also be the “energy” of the game.

In line with this, if you do not want to wait for more newspapers to arrive, you can do the time setting trick on your phone
Firstly, simply go to the settings on your phone, and set the time forward.
Secondly, go back to the game, and you will have newspapers with minor cases ready to be solved.

Candy will also come at specific interval and it will typically comes every hour and a half or so
However, if you cannot wait for it to show up, you can do the time tricks

Try to set the time ahead in the date and time settings of your device
Then, go back to the app in order to have free candy ready for you to collect later on.

Normally, you will earn bucks if you can solve each case successfully
Furthermore, if you have moves left over that you have not used the end of a round of play, you will get bonus cash time.

And try not to collect your gold coins yet, as each coin that you collect counts as making a move.
Otherwise, use your bonus moves to make even more combinations of objects.
And after your moves run out, you will have to collect all of the Gold coins before moving any further.

The main core of this game is to solve every case but if you cannot solve a major one, click on your newspaper and go play multiple minor cases in order to collect stars.

Skills and tools are available for purchase with your in-game cash.
However, if it looks like you are going to fail a case and have only a few turns left, try not to use any skills or tools.
It is caused by you will not get them back the next time you play and you will not get bonus cash.
Thus, you can always replay missions by going to the in your filing cabinet.

You can go the stars for purchasing some new skills in which every new skills works to make it easier to solve a particular case.
Besides, just save up your cash, because you can use it to purchase refills of the tools that you use during the match three rounds.

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