As Gold Cheats ArcaneSoul on iPhone

ArcaneSoul is a new 2D hack and slash action RPG in which you will select from two characters named Ellisa and Luke then send them to go through hordes as well as discovering the source of all villains

arcanesoul tips

You will also be assigned to level up, learn new skills, and find powerful equipment.
Early on, you can pick Ellisa as your starting character, but you can only unlock the other two by completing Act 4 and Ellisa’s skills will be different from Luke’s skills.

When having your normal attack combo, you can cancel it at any time by using one of your other abilities.
And you can also stop a combo with a back step, in that it is going to be very useful for getting out of a telegraphed attack, or you can use a spell or skill.

Continuing finished ground combos will also allow you to jump out of a combo
Doing so is a useful technique that can save your life.

During the creation of your combos, when going off of tip 3, you can try your best to keep enemies staggered as this gives them less chances to retaliate
On the other side, it prevents them from gaining super armor to attack you.

To get more effective combo strategy, always keep them in the air as much as you can.
Having a good bread and butter combo is to do a standard ground combo
At the same time, you can also use a launcher attack at the end to send them sky high.

Do jump up quickly afterwards and continue the combo with aerial attacks, then when they hit the ground start up another ground combo or use a skill if necessary.

Besides combos, you must also learn your action skills as soon as possible
Action skills are the ones that improve your regular combat ability.
For Ellisa, she learns some really nifty action skills so learning Upper Attack is a must, as it lets you launch an enemy into the air if you hold up on the directional pad during a combo.

Learning Additional Attack adds an extra hit into her normal ground and aerial combos.
Also learning Sting Kick will increase a second hit to her dash attack that launches enemies.
All of these skills are great for increasing combo mobility, so try to purchase them as soon as you can whereby they are a lot cheaper than the active skills

After learning these skills, you can fight against enemy with super armor
When an enemy character with glowing a vibrant red appears, they have super armor and they will not be interrupted or staggered by attacks, so be careful when approaching them.

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