How to Get Money Cash Kisses in Archie Betty or Veronica for iPhone

In archie betty or veronica game, you must try to accomplish each quest to collect money
Here, you must finish up the various quests going on for each character you are playing namely archie, betty, veronica etc

archie betty or veronica tips

Meanwhile, you will have to complete the quests and unlock new people then make a progress through the jobs offered by some houses.
Therefore, just get those quests completed one by one in that it will reward you either cash or kisses that you will need to accomplish this game

In the way of collecting the things like huge experience points, money as the primary currency and kisses as the premium currency of the game is simply to tap on every house then see which ones have various jobs for you to complete.

On the other side, if you want to go for all of the long jobs, you can be offline for awhile to do so
While getting online, you can try to complete the short jobs that every house offers for you to complete.

In this session, your job will get a lot easier to complete if you can unlock new characters in this game
It is caused by those characters will do any job that you want them to at any time
Thus, the more characters that you unlock, the more jobs that you can do and complete in this game.

And one thing, every character in this game will be indicated with different color so play them based on their capabilities to complete each job as different job will need different character to play

During completing every quest, make sure to always leave at least one or two characters behind to stave off boredom once all of your characters are occupied.

In line with that, you can have them walk around and pick up trash while the other characters from the book spend time working on the jobs they are working on at that time.

Simply go to the Friends menu and log on to the game via Facebook, then make enough friends as these actions will give you huge bonuses afterward.
As to notice, there are five type of characters all organized by color which reflect certain types of jobs of their own.

Purple is for jocks
Red is for charmers
Orange is for artists
Blue is for jock
Green is for geek

In description, certain jobs will indicate a certain type of character
Thus, matching a job with the correct type of character will give you extra bonuses in money cash and experience points.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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