How to Accomplish Arkham Asylum Antics in Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Lego Batman 2 Walkthrough Arkahm Asylum Antics part 3 will intriduce the Joker and Lex Luther are creating a lot of mayhem by freeing many criminals from Arkham Asylum leaving Batman and Robin to clean-up the trash.

Citizen in Peril
A path is laid on the far right side of the maze covered in green gooze.
And a walked citizen is being plumped by thugs.
Being a superhero this would be a golden opportunity to step in and administer some true street justice.
Best not to ask why Arkahm Asylum has a maze, just accept it.

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Blow out the silver statue beside the Power Suit Pad.

Free Play
At the maze entrance left of the gate use Lex’s Deconstructor to destroy the gold panels on the wall then use Green Lantern to build with the green LEGO bricks.

Free Play
On the gate at the right side of the maze entrance use Lex’s Little Black Friend emitting a unique energy – the energy that is absorbed so quickly that it makes objects tear themselves apart.
Change to Poison Ivy to use the Flower Be then get the Joker to deactivate the console.
Thus the Minikit container has been turned off in which it will not toast your little Lego body, you just need to use “someone” with super human strength to open it.
Use the Bat Suit to break the glass surface in northwest side of maze, left of the waterfall (opposite wall of the Bat Suit Pad).

Free Play
Destroy 5 small statues by punching:
Left of the maze entrance fly over green slime and follow the path to a water spout.
Freeze the water and a statue will form.
Punch Statue.
Statue in right corner upper of the maze.
Outside of wall nw of the Acrobat Suit Pad – Statue.
Statue – South of the Cold Suit Pad
Middle of the maze, on the other side of the wall from the Power Suit Pad West – Destroy statue.

Free Play
Southeast from the first statue in the floor is a grate.
Pull both switches of the wall on the left.
Use magnet power to pull the blue object out of the tunnel under the grate to get path cleared cleared and minikit.

Free Play
North of the first statue is a waterway covered in green vines just destroy the gold lily pads and swim on the bottom to the other side.
Destroy gold object in small room and rebuild with its remains.
Move the seed down the maze wall with the two buttons.
The seed will grow into a plant once at the bottom.
Punch the planet but make sure that Poison Ivy is not watching you at this time.

Free Play
Push the red lever in the upper left corner of maze to open the underwater gate and to get Minikit by swimming inside with Killer Croc or Aquaman.
Pull the orange handle with super strength or power suit laid south of Maze center

Free Play
Locate spiked pit north of maze entrance.
Disassemble Lego object on far side with Lex’s Little Shiny Black Friend.
Create a platform from pieces and destroy glass covering with Man-Bat or Black Canary.

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