Zeus Cheats Armor Blade on iPhone

Armor Blade is a new battle-arena RPG, you will be able to pick up all of your troops then send them to the battle and watch them beat the hell out of each other until the battle is done.
Later on, you will simply go from this level to the next level.

Armor Blade Tips

At the beginning of the game, you are allowed to choose what troops to take with you.
After going through the battle, you will be able to keep any troops that have not died, so always fill the box as high as possible in order to minimize troop losses and win the battles more quickly.

In order to fill an entire row with troops, you should tap on the arrow above the row after choosing which troop to use.
Before going to the battle, you can tap on the troop picture to see whether it is strong or weak against rival troops.

The troops in the red angry face indicate strong ones against an enemy
Meanwhile, the troops in the orange sad face denotes weakness.

As your first strategy, ogres should be in the front row, with lancers in the third and fourth row
And, riflemen in the far rows, since they have a longer range.
As you unlock new troops, such as hobgoblins, you can change up your strategy to fit their strengths and weaknesses.

Always keep as many troops trained as possible for the multi-tiered boss battles
In line with this, if they drain your troop count, you are out of luck.

Also, hunt down all of the potions that sit around the map, then go to the merchants and purchase more of them
Plus, you will need hit point recovery, to beat boss in the battles.

Even though, when you lose a boss battle and then come back to it, the boss will still have the same health bar quantity as before.
According to this, you have to keep from losing troops, send in your main hero without sending in any other troops.
Let your main hero and the opposing boss soften each other up, or take him out first.
Afterward, you can redo the battle with a full load of troops for an easy win.

Early on, speed-ups are free for quite awhile, so you can use them for as long as you can.
Besides, you will have to spend gems for them.

On the other side, in order to get free gems, you go to the achievements menu and collect all of them that you have completed already for some free gems.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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