Cash and Nitro Boosters Cheats Asphalt 8 Airborne iPhone

When playing asphalt 8 airborne game, try to make a drift in the drift system by tapping the left side of the screen, then control the degree of the turn by tilting your phone either to the right or left direction.

asphalt 8 airborne nitro canisters tips

Then go for some great jumps that will give you air time and much-needed boost energy.
After doing so, you will level out and your drift will stop after a few seconds.

Thus keep this to master for more than one turn, in which you will be back into the drift in each race.
And just make the more drift to get more boost that you will need for the later stunt.

During the race, you will get as much air as possible.
Therefore, ramps and barrel roll ramps will be available for showing this up
Thus try getting the more air along the track to gain more boost.

Note that before you launch off the ramp you have to hit the boost button a second so that your car will speed up, and the game will store leftover boost power automatically until you land
And with additional power included you will always land on your tires after having a great jump.

In addition, hitting your boost at the right time and ramming the opposition are the main point as one hit will take over your rival on the track.
With some additional boosts you have collected from many races, they will be useful for getting multiple takedowns in succession and you will be able to maintain the lead as well.
So just save some boost power towards the end of the race to be used for the next challenge.

Once making some progresses through this game, you will be allowed to unlock content earlier, like new season events or specific cars as well.
Moreover, you are be able to unlock the content free-of-charge by playing Asphalt 8 to collect and save the cash for more stunts later.

When intending to purchase individual cars, make sure you check out the Hot Deals tab in the main menu as there will be an offer of a great selection of cars usually 10 or so like the Tesla Model S and other sports cars to show your passion of speed.

Before upgrading your car, pay attention in four key areas to improve your cars including Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Nitro.
Just upgrade first among those areas based upon what you want your car to be like on the race.

If you want to go fast on the straight track start with Nitro in the tank for even more.
And upgrading Handling one will give you superior control for your car.

However, simply tune up the main areas like Acceleration and Top Speed firstly as upgrading these two categories will give you superior performance on the race track.

Making stunts and jumps will fill up your Nitro tank that you can either use immediately or save for that last-second push towards the finish line.
In line with this, you will also have to discover icons scattered across the tracks to give you a quick boost.

Getting blue ones will get your tank filled about a quarter of the way and glowing yellow ones go halfway.
So pick up three of them to get a full tank of nitro that you will need to boost your car.

So just boost your car until the nitro tank is empty then pick up some extra Nitro canisters while you are in boost.
For such reasons, having more nitro canisters will keep your car going a few seconds longer so that you can make all the difference to finish the line for having your victory and to be the first champion.

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