How to Attach Crystals to Chandalier on Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors

There are 17 chapters in Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors, with an additional bonus chapter in the Collectors Edition.
Electrical Room on the floor

Lord of Mirrors

How to get a key to open panel box hint
Hint: Use the glove on the spot on the floor.

After you’ve lit the lamp the ghost will appear.
After she’s gone, you can pick the glove off the shelf. Place it on the glove print on the floor and you will find the diagram to the fuse box.

Living Room on the mantlepiece
Basement on the floor

Cellar on the floor
Dining Room on the table

How to attach crystals to chandalier in dining room
Hint: when you get all the crystals it lights up, one was tricky to find without the picture.
The lighter is for the one candle on the table and a piece of paper

Kitchen on the stove
Nursery on the trunk

Wardrobe Room on the floor
Hint: find the blue ribbon or the pink hat

Study on the globe

How to open the grill
Hint: Don’t forget the screwdriver on the left side in a box that you have to use crowbar to open.
Without that, the grill won’t open at all

Armory Room on the table

Bedroom on the floor
Sarcophagus on the floor, bottom right
Bonus Quest: Back to the Manor

How to fix the time on the grandfather clock
Hint: Remember that the hour hand is almost on the 12 for the time 11:55

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