Hot to Get Scores Coins in One Epic Knight iPhone

In one epic knight game, just try to rack up the highest score and get the most coins while running the farthest distance that you can, and avoiding the obstacles or destroying them, jumping over pits then buying all kinds of fun new treasures.

One Epic Knight Walkthrough

Make sure to follow the trail of coins and stay alert as long as you jump in time while running and collecting coins.
Always look a few steps ahead to make sure the coin trail is not going to run you into any walls or obstacles or straight off a cliff.

Always concentrate and look a few steps ahead to watch out for drop offs, because due to the darkness of the game, it is very easy to miss a drop off and end up losing a great run.

Just go to your phone or device’s settings, and turn up the contrast and brightness in order to see the ground better.
Always save up a ton of loot or coins from multiple runs such as having an extremely long run.

Try to buy almost every single power up at once to go on the run and run the longest distance that you absolutely can.
Try to buy the permanent upgrades, such as the weapon, shield and rampage upgrades for having a better shot.
Destroying orcs and the like awards you with piles of gold will allow you to participate in the usual upgrading of the gear ceremony after every couple of runs.
Keep smashing specific enemies and walls in order to uncover secret loot rooms and to increase an unprecedented exploration element to the genre.

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