Blue Gems Gold Cheats Axes and Allies for iPhone

Axes and Allies is a line-drawing RPG, where you take a command of your units to rescue Warchief
And, those orcs have their own unique powers and abilities that will be needed to fight against the army of the undead to save their Warchief.

axes & allies tips

The story says that an ambitious Orc Warchief really want this gold for himself and they will bring his clan to claim it as their own.

For such reasons, the Dragon called upon the souls to come for the gold that it will protect for now and later on.

You will be assigned to lead 3 Unique Orc Heroes to help the Warchief that have fought fiercely and fearlessly against the waves of the undead guardians.

However, there will be only three Orcs that will survive in the first battle
On the other side, they must track the dragon and save their Warchief as soon as possible

In order to command your Orcs on a long journey, you will have to upgrade their skills firstly as it will strengthen them to fight against any enemies in the battlefield

The Berserker is equipped with an axe-wielding brute with little concern for personal safety or personal hygiene which is also designed as the groups Tank with abilities to improve his defense and pull Aggro

The Bowmaster is silent but deadly with the bow to aim any enemies in the battle in that he has also abilities to focus on crowd control and ranged damage.

The Shaman is a fanatic of mystery and madness in which he has powers to heal and improving the abilities of his allies
He also focus on the effects of mushrooms, mainly for recreational purposes.

Because of having been through some battles, you can level up your heroes the you can also unlock new powers and abilities

In addition, getting involved in many battles will earn you either coins cash or gems that you can use purchase upgrades for your heroes equipments

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