How to Get More Coins Drinks in Band Stars for iPhone

In band stars game, coins and drinks are the main currencies of this game that will allow you to acquire additional Inspirado, band members, instrument skins, furniture, and upgrades for both your gear and solos.

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Those items will be a kind of cosmetic, including the instrument skins, while others make your chemistry with the band much smoother though.
In managing your bands, you will start out by enlisting four band members and add two more through auditions in that you can also hire once you earn enough money with your initial group.

So it will be simple as the more people you have, the better variety you can have in your tracks
And, you will have more opportunities for going solo.

In the way of getting drinks, you can accomplish challenge that randomly pop up and provide you with additional rewards for your band, such as extra drinks, coins and accessories.

These will train members in certain areas that also allow you to hire a new band member, or let someone do a solo.
Moreover, completing these will level up while unlocking a new tier of rewards as well

You will be tasked with writing the song that you need someone in two categories – Lyrics and Creativity.
Once the song is created, then record it, and set up each of the members based on their skills.

Put on five general categories namely Lyrics, Creativity, Melody, Rhythm and Polish when making a song. In line with this, you can move instruments around until you can find a good balance between all of your members, then go for jamming.

In order to mix songs, you need someone with Polish in charge of the mixing process, which will make sure the song has the right balance to it.
Once it is done well, you can name your song and watch it climb up the charts.
The better performance of a song will give you more Inspirado so that you can get more coins from album sales on the market.

In accordance with inspirado, you can earn them based on your band chemistry and how well you do with your songs.
For such reasons, try to get it higher so that you will be more likely to draw in talented band members – and keep your own chemistry going.

Meanwhile, your fans will be the main point for your band`s success
So try perform more songs for more diverse as this will draw you more fans.
On the other side, only the most hardcore fans will really want to make an investment.

Note that a new band member adds extra chemistry to a band, and can also bring in additional fans.
Thus, you will need to pay serious money before making this move.

In the beginning, you will start off with 10 of energy drinks so that you can refill their energy to the max each time.
Besides, you can also help your band relax using a hot tub or by playing a video game, items that you can purchase and add to the studio.

In addition, you will be assigned to train and help band members like Rhythm, Melody or Creativity as these help them mesh better with the band afterall.

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