Stars Coins Cheats Baseball Slam for iPhone

Baseball Slam is a home run derby game, where you play as a baseball player who has to use your home runs to knock out various parts of the background and environment in order to try completing some goals in the match

baseball slam tips

Meanwhile, by accomplishing each goal you will be rewarded with some coins and to achieve the highest score possible and to gain three stars on every level.

In the beginning of the game, you will swing the ball and you have a limited number of balls that you can hit in each match
Note that one ball that counts for nothing can really drag down your score.

And the timing will determine your hit as it will lead you to win the match and to get score for stars.
Try to put your finger down on home plate to start the pitch while waiting for the pitch to be thrown, then as the pitch is in mid air, it will slow down.
At this moment, swing the stick as this timing will work every time you hit the ball.

If you can use the power ups correctly, you will collect some high scores for having more stars as well.
Using the pinball power up will earn you free hits whereby the ball will bounce off of the background then fly right back across the plate
Thus you have to make sure to prepare and swing every time that it crosses back over the plate.

On the other side, using the three ball power up will automatically hit any bonus target or chain-able target that you swipe over.
And using the freeze power up will stop any moving object or flying diamonds in mid air in which you will be allowed to hit it much easier.

When hitting an object, a chain will pop up over it with one green link so that you must hit it again and again until the chain get filled enough.
Filling the chain will reward you a large amount of points.

Furthermore, by completing your round’s mission as quickly as possible and finishing the round with balls left over, you can earn 10,000 points per extra ball for doing so.
Once getting enough coins, you must buy better bats in order to get more score bonuses and make it far easier for you to earn more stars on stages.

In addition, by having those bats, you will easily beat your friends in the online competition through over 100 challenges and get 3 stars in this explosive arcade baseball hit.
By winning in every match, you can also unlock new character to be played for the next turn

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