Gems Gold Cheats Battle Camp for iPhone

Playing battle camp penny pop game will get you to match gems to deliver a basic attack and win the battle to earn more gold cash
This game combines the battling style of Puzzle and Dragons in which you need to match three of the same shape in order to clear them from the board.
So try to make matches that will benefit you when facing opponents of the opposite element.

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Meanwhile, you can move the board anywhere and make a match to cause damage depending on the element of the piece you move.
Those elements include fire, rock, grass, water, and electricity whereby it is based on the element that your opponent is weak to, make matches that counteract their element type to cause maximum damage.

In line with this, you can try to match three gems for a basic attack on one monster then match five gems at once to attack all enemies while matching heart gems will heal your character.
In addition, adding friends will earn you more in-game currency or accepting the requests sent over from randoms will also give you reward.

Before going anywhere for further, try to put at least one rare monster together by battling and collecting the puzzle pieces that you get.
Once getting the puzzle pieces for that rare monster, start racking up common monsters that can be used for fusing as you will get tough battle as you gain levels and unlock new stages.

After your rare monster is ready for battle, put it into your team, then use the Fuse option to increase its level and power.
Evolving rare monsters requires some combination of other common monsters, which can be caught by beating battles in areas such as the ones that you catch in the Teepee Hollow will be more powerful than the ones that you catch in the camp itself.

Use the element chart indicated by the triangle in the upper right corner of the screen to figure out which elements work best.
The list of elements are Water, Leaf, Wind, Fire and Stone.

Stone and Wind are strong against each other.
Fire is strong against leaf
Leaf is strong against water
Water is strong against fire.
In AoE Attack, if you manage to combine 5 gems, any Monster in your team with that element will attack the entire group of enemies.

According to this, you can try to make the biggest combinations that you can in battle, and make as many combinations in one turn as you can.
In the beginning of each turn, go for one or two matches of five or more in order to target every monster on the screen.

And if you want to fight against only one monster or two monsters, you can go for a bigger combination consisting of matches of 3 or 4 in a row, in order to deliver larger amounts of damage in the battle.

Furthermore, in order to win more advanced fights when battling powerful enemy teams, you can try displacing Gems by dragging a gem and taking through other gems then changing their positions as well.
On the other side, holding the gem will get you to keep changing other gem’s positions until you manage to get multiple combo lines.

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