Pearls Gold Cheats Battle Dragons for iPhone

In battle dragons game, you can collect sheep and gold in the battle, then you must upgrade your Sheep Barn and Sheep Corral as high as you can as quickly as possible

battle dragons tips

You will need to do so, whereby during the battle, you will spend far more sheep than gold as you will have to constantly train more dragons.
And raising sheep means having more food for the creatures to increase their population
Then collecting as much loot as possible from neighboring lands will be needed to strengthen your home.

After having enough gold, you can use it to upgrade buildings and build defenses, in that it can also be used to start your own tribe.
In addition, with sheep or gold, you can have a crew of dragons to obliterate nearby towns and kingdoms, there is a healthy amount of tasks to accomplish on your home grounds.

You can also purchase dragons in the more elaborate fighters, as they protect your home during invasions, while the sheep eaters are the troops you generate on the ground.

Training grounds will be needed to train a selection of fighters, with some of the dragons skilled at crushing their way through obstacles, and at fire breathing as their main weapons on the air.

Raising sheep for dragon`s food, powering up army, and collecting gold from the local mine are your main duties to have reward to be used to purchase a Blast Sheep to defend the fortress.

In order to get free pearls, just check out the store area then scroll to the right to find a way to earn free of them.
With those pearls, you can speed up the process of building new structures and raising your troops.

When playing the story stages, and even some of the PvP stages , you will not need to send all of your dragons into the battle.
According to this, you will only send as many dragons as you need, then send more in later if your first wave of dragons starts getting killed off during in the battle zone.

Moreover, when being in stages which are closed off by walls and an entrance left open with bombs planted as a trap, all you have to do is only to send in one dragon.
After one dragon sets off the bomb, then lead the rest of the dragons to enter the area.

Playing PvP mode will assign you to collect resources, in which you need to send in a horde of Gobblers.
They will take up one housing spot each and target resource buildings first
Then they will attack resources with 5x damage.

Furthermore, unlocking Crushers will help you neutralize the other player’s defenses first, since they do 6x damage to defenses.
To get tough fortress to defend your area properly, just place every building that you have as close together as possible, so that you can defend them as efficiently as possible with your defensive dragons.
Doing such action minimizes the amount of walls that you have to build in order to surround your area.

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