Gold Cash Cheats Battle Friends in Tanks iPhone

When playing battle friends in tank game, you must try to win each battle to get gold that you can use to refuel and upgrade your tank to be stronger one

battle friends in tank tips

The mainly point to collect the gold is by defeating your friend`s tank in every battle
However, before purchasing a bunch of gold in the game, you can take advantage of the free offers to earn that gold.

On the other side, by inviting friends via Facebook will earn you five gold, and you can also have a chance of getting ten free gold for liking the BattleFriends In Tanks page.

When facing your opponents, you have to make sure not too close to your targets as your opponent may be packing a stronger tank and make you an easier target.

Keep your distance and get used to the aiming system then shoot them from a distance.
By doing so, you will stand a better chance of survival overall, and weapon damage is not affected by range.

Making some progresses throughout the game will make you level up more quickly, and gain access to new tanks such as the Grey Goliath one and upgrades as a result.

The other premium tanks, such as the golden King’s Ransom and the decorative Big Brain offer a little more firepower, and you can also unlock them with a bunch of gold.
So just keep battling with your basic models, then upgrade once having enough gold for each victory.
Moreover, there are even new tanks such as exclusive tank to unlock that provide enhanced power and speed while having some extra gold as a reward.

During the battle, you will need about 10 gold to refuel your tank so you will want to move however you can on each turn, and then save up for the refuel the next time around.

Meanwhile, you will also need to save your gold to upgrade your tank to be a stronger one such as the golden King’s Ransom and the decorative Big Brain.

During in the battle of tanks, you only get to fire one shot per turn and you will simply move your tank around the screen, blasting objects out of your way, and taking shots at anyone within your range.

For such reasons, you have to make each one count, and instead learn to fire over objects so that you hit the enemies around them.
Remember to take out obstacles directly if they are preventing you from tracking down a foe on the other side of the battle area.

In addition, your tank will only move before you end up running out of fuel, and you will need few gold bars to refuel them or you wait until the next turn to move again.

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