How to Get Energy Founder in Battle Gems Adventure Quest on iPhone

In battle gems adventure game, you will play as a hero that you will go adventure for questing through various puzzle stages while getting involved in the battle to defeat enemies such as the evil Darth Hater and get the peace back to the land where you live in.

battle gems adventure quest tips

After going through some battles in this game, you will gain experience points, and earn coins that you can use to buy items as well as collecting them during the quests
Besides, simply read hysterical dialogue that name checks a countless number of pop culture references and internet memes.

Everything you do will count on energy and it will take awhile to run out in this game
However, if it runs out, you will have to wait a long time for it to come back.

For such reasons, if you want to get it back quickly, you can can ask any Facebook friends who play the game for energy.
On the other side, you can set the phone’s time ahead then go back to the game to get all of your energy back as you want.
Later on, you can do this as many times as you want, and whenever you go back to the game your energy will be restored automatically.

When applying this trick, you can set the time ahead enough to compensate for how long it would actually take to restore all of your energy.
After setting the time ahead few hours, you can then set it back to normal again.

Throughout the game, you will be allowed to equip plenty of items in this game, but the stat boosts come not from what you equip, but simply from owning the items.
At this point, you can equip whatever you want and get the same stats, so purchase as many items as you can for the biggest boosts.

In the way of gaining your experience points for even more, just go back and replay old battles that you have already beaten so that you can gain the experience from beating them again.

Moreover, you will also earn extra coins, which will allow you to go back and buy more items
And, you can also power up your hero to become even stronger.
In addition, you can beat some individuals quests for big bonuses and extra experience points

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