Gold Supplies Cheats Battle Island for iPhone

In battle islands game, you must use gold to speed up buildings then train your troops to welcome incoming invaders
Here you will control a platoon of soldiers as they try to build their bases on various tropical islands in the South Pacific.

battle islands tips

In the way of protecting your territory, you will be given a brief tutorial that guides you to placing buildings and training troops.
Afterward, structure is offered through a series of challenges that can be completed with the bonus being that they offer up gold bricks.

Furthermore, you will really need more supplies to make a progress and to attack other enemies base
On the other side, your factories will not produce enough supply, whereby your supply depot will be small and it will take a lot of time to upgrade the command bunker.

For such reasons, as soon as you have the Barracks ready and the 18 soldiers trained, start attacking to loot resources and speed up the base building process.

In this game, the Command Bunker is the heart of the base, so that you must focus to upgrade it as soon as possible in order to unlock new buildings as this will give you more resources.
Factories is the top priority to be upgraded early on as it will maximize resource production as well.

In line with this, focus on upgrading your buildings to maximum capacity, research for new troops and clear the land to go with the state of your base
Once they are upgraded, fortify the buildings starting with the Supply Depot and Command Bunker that is the most important buildings on your base.

Besides doing some upgrades, you should also fortify your buildings in order to make them tougher to break by enemy forces and will protect your base.
You will have to research your troops in the Command Bunker, but make sure you do that when you have a bunch of resources.
It is caused by research requires a lot of time but fortunately can be done at the same time with an upgrade that you go through.

After having solid troops, you can choose the bases to attack
When going to attack the other base, you select them from a list that gives you minimal information so that it will consider you to retreat before deploying troops and lose 0 medals
Therefore, only choose your targets based upon what your troops specializes in.

In addition, it will be a good idea to go for those with a small number of medals so that you will be able to go for the easy win.
And those with more medals are clearly active players with more resources ready for looting.
According to this, you should focus on getting more resources and not medals, then gather them from every attack to the base with small medals.

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