Battle of the Bulge Cheats iPad

Battle of the Bulge is a historical wargame which represents actual military units fighting on the terrain of the famous WWII battle.
Here, you can play this game in three ways that will be online through Game Center; vs a computer opponent; or Pass and Play which set the fastest turns and deep strategy

Battle of the Bulge

Design two scenarios that will be a quick, tense, fight in the opening days; and a campaign covering the entire battle
Follow the tutorial and quick start guide, and online strategy forums help players learn to play and to explore the game’s subtleties

Some elements you may have come to expect from a wargame have been streamlined out
Artillery is entirely abstracted into an attacking bonus in some sectors of the map, and Allied air support simply limits German mobility on certain days of the battle.

Note that the general rule you are role-playing should not be calling individual fire missions or air strikes but you have to focus on the larger strategic aim of the battle and concentrate on your forces and anticipating enemy movements.

Units are rendered as simple, clean silhouettes, a design motif making the badges for elite units like the 82nd Airborne the 2nd Panzer Division jump off the screen.
The UI is wonderfully functional as well as attractive in that units are in supply or which objectives are worth more victory points.

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