How to Get Gold Battleheart Legacy for iPhone

In battleheart legacy mika mobile game, you will be brought to explore a rich and detailed fantasy world, where you can customize your unique hero with dozens of powerful skills and items as well as assembling the ultimate team, then do battle against hordes of enemies along the game.

battleheart legacy tips

This game uses a targeting system to attack enemies so once the enemy has been targeted or in range of your character, your character will attack them automatically.

Attack ranges depend on the class of your character.
When using melee class like the Rogue, your character will auto attack the targeted enemy when they are in range.

Meanwhile, when using a ranged character like a Wizard, you will be able to attack enemies in long range distance.
Later on this game, you will be able to use skills in that you can use active skills once you bought it and equip on your character.
And you can utilize them from the skill bar when attacking.

There are twelve different classes within this game in which all of them have different attributes but they can be sorted by attack styles
Ranged classes consist of rangers, wizard, witchcraft and necromancer
Rangers is an archer in game, where you can use them to attack enemies in long range.

You can also place traps that will add to your defense.
However, Rangers will have a weak defense and are susceptible to melee attacks.
So try keeping your enemies at a distance where the Ranger attacks are the most effective.

Wizard is a magic user utilize the Wizard utilizes elemental magic to deal aerial attacks from distance.
Witchcraft is Witches master dark energies for use in battle and they can cast Spells from a distance.
Necromancer is a magic user that can play both offense and defensive support.

You can combine classes such as bard, battlemage, paladin and ninja at a time
Bard is a kind of Music that has charms to soothe a savage breast but swords in battle definitely helps. It is a good supporting class because he can disarm your enemies and make them helpless in battle.
Battlemage has a good strength and intelligence, and they can utilize brute force and magic to dispatch enemies in this game.

Paladin is a warrior with influence in both melee attacks and magic with good defensive abilities.
Ninja has unmatched speed and abilities that can be utilized for both offense and defense maneuvers.

Throughout the game, you can select melee classes that consist of knight, rouge, barbarian and monk
Knight is a warrior with heavy armor and shields which makes a great tank to draw enemy attacks and it will be good to be used in the middle of the fight.

Rouge offers good speed combined with poisons and dirty combat style and it is a very good supportive melee class.
Barbarian offers heavily on physical strength to plow through enemies to make openings for his comrades to move on.
Monk with strength and dexterity will dispatch his enemies and you will get into strait up hand to hand combat this melee fighter.

To activate a class skill tree, you will need to find the specific trainer for it.
At this point, you have to align your character with a trainer supports the desired skills amongst 12 different classes.

You can select from the 5 initial classes that are available from the beginning of the game.
And you can choose traits from the skill tree which lead to the other seven classes.
Note that these secret classes must be unlocked before you can utilize their skills.

You must unlock different skill trees that is based on the character you are using.
In the mean time, you can also find the skill trainer for the particular class in the Academy that you can find when you reach the city’s center and where you will meet new trainers.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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