Coin Booster Cheats Beach Buggy Racing on iPhone

This new game is the next series of Beach Buggy Blitz, which is one of the first graphically intensive games in which this runs on the brand new Metal API made in exclusive to iOS 8 phone

beach buggy racing guides

And, this new game also considers the insanely high graphics quality, where you will be able to see this all over Best Buy iPad demos and Sprint Store iPhone displays.
On the other side, the controls are auto-driving and tilting in default, with brakes used by tapping in various areas on the screen.

However, you will be allowed to change the controls in the options, to either a simulated control stick or to steering by taps on either the left or the right side of the screen.
Then using the physical controls can often be far more accurate than the tilting controls.

If you have used up all of your tickets and you want to refill them right away for free, just set the time on your phone to get all your tickets back fully

Here, just set the time ahead on your phone or tablet, whatever you are playing on.
Then once you are done with that, go back to the game and you will get your tickets restored fully.
At this point, setting the time ahead by about an hour at a time should do it.

Afterwards, simply go back to the date and time and set them back to normal.
After doing so, you will have all of the tickets that you just earned for free.

Later on, you are able to do this trick as many times as you want without having to mess around with setting your phone to different days or any other weird time.

After making progresses through the game, you have to buy upgrades to speed up your car with the coins that you earn each time that you win or place high in a race.
The main point in this game is top speed, as even with a bad car you can still win with a high top speed, it will just be an ugly win.

Thus, upgrade your handling to improve your obstacle navigation, and improve your acceleration to make it easier to recover from a crash along the game.
In addition, you must use your power ups wisely in which you can tap the question box for accessing a random power up.

In line with this, you can use the missiles, death bat, nitrous oxide and oil slick, head to the power up section of the store between stages
Furthermore, you can get brand new power ups as an option in order to get top speed car.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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