How to Get Stars in Simple Physics on iPhone

Tips to pass windy city level 3 stars on simple physics game
Try breaking the large building into two double walled columns that meet only at the top.
That step allows for a lot of flex, but eventually it breaks before getting up to 150mph.

Simple Physics iPhone

Try to build with 3 empty column and one more with a bunch of boxes.
Make X in every one of those boxes to sustain the building.It should be like the following scheme
| | | X || | | X || | | X || | | X || | | X || | | X || | | X || | | X || | | X |
Just give your building a bit of a give at the top in order to sway with the wind.
Start by making small vertical lines from the top to the bottom of the skyscraper, with a horizontal line to support the bottom of the building.
Build a long line of Xs all the way to the top right side so that you will have a skyscraper that can withstand the winds.

Hold on snowy roof level in simple physics
Just create 4 lines from top to bottom with a joint on every dot on the way down.
On the right wall, draw lines from the outside wall to the first line going down at every joint.
Hold up on the right side, but the symmetrical design will break on the left side then beef up that side and beat it.
Hold the roof of a house from 50,000 lbs. of snow with a $325 budget.
Make a bottom line structure so that the roof is completely connected to the house.
Make a second roof in order to make a series of diagonal lines to form an A-frame
Try to make sure that both sides are symmetrical, so that they will stay even structurally and no side is stronger than the other.

Build and hold structure of ferris wheel level in simple physics
Balance is the key to accomplish this level
Be sure every part of the structure is as important as the next structure as the building stressing will be continually moving.

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