How to Get Rare Items in Crimson Heart iPhone

In crimson heart game, you must select 2 characters including Sword Fighter, Fire Sorcerer, Healer and Gunfighter.
Then, you can challenge the bosses in various types of arena and try to beat them to get rare items.

Crimson Heart Cheats

Find and defeat the weakness of Boss Demons and get a lot of item and unique magical cards
After getting those magical cards try to create your own items with Magical Card Settings.
Try to search and find a bunch of rare items during battling in the arena

You can enjoy player vs player in the PVP mode battle with any other online players
In order to get souls for ancient dungeons is try to find them in the arena when you are battling or just playing around

Try to get the unique dragon card by keeping on killing uber-dragons at the level 92 ones or completing the two dragon arena using all characters you are playing

In order to kill the dragon when the battle begins, make sure those dragons are on the ground then use your boost gauge and spam pochi offensive skills.

Always use proper equipment such as a hybrid of advanced jelly and golem set.
In order to get admission tickets is try to get 3 from the special network event, 1 from a quest in-game, and the other ones are available to you without purchasing IAP.

How to defeat bosses in crimson heart game
You will need to fight higher level dragons for the King Scales.
A good way to get these scales would be to grind the last Arena 2 Dragons

Also, try Dimension Of The Pieces if you can handle bosses well from 80 on.
And try Rainy Ruins Even as well as it gets pretty tough to level as you hit the 90s so that once you have some of them try to end game gear grind Fragment Of Dimension all the way to 99.

And the same with Lamiere and she will be the most useful with full Dex.
Remember as uniques are always better than Boss sets as each characters Ultimates are uniques as well.
Since you are not at end of the game status your bound to miss even at monsters around your level.

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