Gold Coins Cheats in Wild Blood on iPhone

Just follow these steps in order to defeat the boss at level 2 in wild blood game
Fight the horde then attack all barrels.
Go towards save point and open treasure.

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Go down the underpass and save civilian and open other chest.
Run back outside and save game at the fountain.
Then hit pause and restart level. Wash, rinse and repeat.
Try to gather a lot of gold and a couple times to get 2 replenishes.
They come from the chest in the underpass.
So do this for about 30 minutes to get bow, sword and armor pretty high.

To defeat level 4 of titan boss on hard mode in wild blood game, you must read these instructions carefully
Just try to ignore the other enemies as enemies charging you are less dangerous than the fireballs and if you focus on them you will never pass that boss
Upgrade your crossbow first then keep shooting the phantom in the middle of the screen with the crossbow while trying to avoid the fireballs
Just go walking sideways in circles shooting arrows at the boss.
Use a health potion every time your health bar lowers
Focus on the phantom all the time and use a few health potions to defeat it successfully
Just upgrade your bow for more damage and upgrade to your own HP help too
Keep doing so and wait for a while as that instruction will work within few moments

When you use electric attack on the axes you get hammers that shock everybody in the vicinity.
So the best gold grinding place is where opening a treasure chest, restart from checkpoint then repeat that action.
Afterward save points to replenish your health and mana

Try to use Fire or Lightning as when using the axes, the fire does massive damage and the lightning electrifies your weapons and electrocute nearby enemies.
Also, do some upgrading quickness to unlock new attacks for you weapon, except on the bow in which it will draw faster.
Note that for those who are still on some of the earlier levels just try upgrading your crossbow as while going along in order to get a powerful crossbow later.

To beat boss the arthur at level 5 in wild blood game, you can try these steps
Use the dual axes and upgrade them
Equip the 2 special moves
Just choose between fire or ice or lighting then upgrade them too
Keep pounding arthur When he is moving without hitting you and trying to hit or doing his special strike all you have to do is just use your special moves as you will be invincible when you use them, and keep draining him of his energy.
Get away from him when he has his energy barrier as he will be invincible afterward.
Remember that upgrading the mana will not really help in that particular point as it takes to fill your special attacks not how much mana you have, you don’t need much there just enough to perform 3-4 special moves and you can pause the game and use mana potions anyway.

In order to beat the statues come to life at level 6 in wild blood game, you can apply these tips
Dump the lightning move and upgrade the ice one, it is the best special power in general and ideal for destroying these statues.
The problem in that point is that by freezing you loose time and cannot break the statue in time, not your health or mana.
So be careful when not using special powers and keep your eye on the wizard’s attacks and evade them, while waiting for your powers to refill, instead of the other enemies
And when your powers refill then attack with everything you have gotten to the statue.

Try to focus on one weapon and the bow then upgrade mostly health and mana on your character
The axe is more powerful and has cooler looking attacks and the best combo is fire and ice
Try to use the axes with fire and electric attacks.

To beat boss at level 7 in wild blood game, you can try to follow this trick
Just use the bow and keep circling around the cyclops with your bow and shooting him until his knees went out, then shooting his eye until he dropped down
You could shoot him in the knee to do damage.
Whenever he starts breathing icicles just look at the ground, and right before the fall on you as the ground will turn red.
When this happens, just roll out of the way.
Using this technique you can beat him on both hard and normal difficulties.
Try to grind to get gold to upgrade you bow.

To beat the boss at level 9 in this game, you can follow these steps
You must get your 2 magic powers upgraded all the way, since you are invincible when you use them
Just be extremely careful to avoid the wizard’s spell, and keep moving when facing them in this game.

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