How to Solve Hold Up Game Level 21 to 40 on iPhone

Tricks to pass level 21-40 in hold up game
Hold Up Level 21 walkthrough
Try to balance and tilt your phone until you get the balls in the green areas.
Move the right ball to the green area first
Work on the left ball while making sure that the right one will not be getting too far away.

Hold Up Game

Hold Up Level 22 walkthrough
Just place your phone flat on the table
Do not touch it and wait until all the red dots become green.
Now touch the door to be opened.

Hold Up Level 23 walkthrough
Simply tap green balls when coming out of the holes
Notice all the lights above the safes door are green.
Now you can exit.

Hold Up Level 24 walkthrough
Just complete the puzzle by leaving the top left piece black.

Hold Up Level 25 walkthrough
Have both balls fall on the green platforms.
Notice that the ball will fall on the platform then you keep both fingers pressed between the platforms
Always try and adjust your position until you make it right.

Hold Up Level 26 walkthrough
Simply rotate the squares
Just make the lines in the puzzles form a connected circuit.

Hold Up Level 27 walkthrough
Try to put balls into five trays.
Simply put the following amounts in the corresponding trays2 balls into the first tray3 balls into the 2nd tray2 balls into the 3rd tray1 ball into the 4th tray2 balls into the 5th tray.

Hold Up Level 28 walkthrough
Move the blue circles to connect the lasers so that they hit the green dot.
Complete two sides of the door first.
Have laser pointing down at the bottom
Near the bottom is laser pointing to the low right
Above it is a laser pointing straight to the right
Above it just point the laser to the upper right.
To its left, simply point laser to the upper left and below to the lower left.
The right side lasers are pointing to the lower right, then to the upper left, to the upper right and lower right, upper right, lower left, lower right and upper right.

Hold Up Level 29 walkthrough
Complete this level before the time runs out
Simply press the red button and the arrows above or below the numbers will turn into blue.
The indicated number will be bigger if the upper arrow is blue
The number is lower if the arrow pointing downwards is blue.
Keep trying until you have all the correct numbers.

Hold Up Level 30 walkthrough
Press the banner that looks like an ad
Simply reading Hold-up to unlock the door.

Hold Up Level 31 walkthrough
Tap and hold the blue circle
Simply rotate the blue circle clockwise to get the lights turned on.
Then count all balls number in each tray
Now write the correct number in the indicators above the door.

Hold Up Level 32 walkthrough
Remember as the items change each time.
Simply tap from left to right in order the buttons to have the colors indicating the region from which the items below are coming from.

Hold Up Level 33 walkthrough
Just spot the difference that is the green leaf on the right side of the tree.
Press the right side of the tree on the wall, not on the painting in order to move forward.

Hold Up Level 34 walkthrough
Simply color the paintings as seen on the wall.
Try to combine three colors to get other colors.
Remember to combine them orderly for yellow, red and green for light blue, blue and green.

Hold Up Level 35 walkthrough
Simply press the correct button on the floor
Match the color of the symbol coming up above the door.
Keep doing so until the door opens.

Hold Up Level 36 walkthrough
Tap the blue button to open the camera
Try to take a picture
Just select Use.
Drag the photo to the lever on the left
Now take another picture
Just do the same thing above to have the lever go all the way down.

Hold Up Level 37 walkthrough
Just complete both puzzles here
Now bring the brown piece with green to the green end.

Hold Up Level 38 walkthrough
Keep your iphone device in a vertical position
Just tilt it slightly in the direction indicated by the yellow needle above the door.
Follow the needle till opening the door.

Hold Up Level 39 walkthrough
Remember to play all the piano keys correctly to open the door.
Note learn which piano key is which note by playing them before

Hold Up Level 40 walkthrough
Just tap and hold the arrow on the door
Now spin the arrow on the door where the direction of the arrow is pointing Note as it will change for 4 times.
After the fourth changes is completed correctly try to turn green the first 4 buttons
Tap the colored circles from the smallest to the biggest, according to the door.
Now you can open and exit the door.

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