How to Beat Proximity Flights Level in Stickman Base Jumper iPhone

In stickman base jumper game, you have to pack your parachute and jump down the highest buildings in the world and experience the amazing feeling of being the jumper online

Stickman Base Jumper Cheats

Simply take the role of a stick man and base jump from some impressively high buildings in this fun and challenging game.
You have also to estimate your run up and the time to jump off perfectly to glide through the air

During jumping from one to next building you will perform insane proximity flights, jump in darkest nights, defy heavy winds and make perfect landings when deploying your parachute.

Afterward you can share your performed jumps or spectacular crashes to impress your friends with the integrated video replay and share feature.
You can also can improve your score and compete with your friends scores on GameCenter.

You have to beat all 50 beautiful designed levels from Easy jumping to Insane proximity flights in any occasion in day or night mode with realistic lighting
Always stay alert of various obstacles like breakable glass, falling bricks, etc during jumping from one to one building.

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