How to Beat Tough Players in Lucky Battle iPhone

In lucky battle game, try to find someone with a much lower total battle score than yourself.
Just keep doing that method till you sharpen all of your weapons.

lucky battle tips

Purchase the cheapest whet stones that you can and then you will be able to beat tougher players easily.
Just use multiple whetstones at the right time to send the sharpness of a weapon sky high so you can demolish the enemy with higher battle scores

Save up enough coins to go to the smithy and use the 300 coin forge, rather than the 75 coin forge.
Get a rare or an epic weapon with 300 coin forge than the normal 75 coin forge, which is just about only good for a common weapon.

Try to upgrade your weapons in order to beat the higher level of your opponents.
Getting the highest level followers is really necessary so try to keep doing so during the game.
Remember as the higher the level of the people follow you, the more money you will get per battle.

Remember to never “skip” through a battle and watch the whole battle play out then pick up any coins that you see drop along the way.
Just tap and pick up coins in a battle to get 50% more coins per battle during the gameplay.

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