Big Coins Balloons Cheats in Snoopy Coaster iPhone

In snoopy coaster game, you will have to accomplish the main objective in order to collect more coins
Here, you will face “levels” that are changed after reaching another 1000 meters while collecting coins, big coins, birds, balloons and kites each time the visitors ride on your coaster

snoopy coaster review

On the other side just leap from track to track to collect coins and grab trading cards featuring original Peanuts artwork, and collectibles to unlock classic Charles M. Schulz comic strips.

Some coins you have got from completing the stunt in each level can be used to buy new power-ups and upgrade the ones you can find along the track.
So complete objectives during playing the game and upgrade your coaster into a super high-scoring machine among other players around the globe

Simply tap one button to jump at the right moment while circling the screen with your finger to go in the special loops along the track.
You can also make some great stunts through a couple of mini-games throughout the track, like a flying mini-game where you need to press at the screen to fly higher and release to fall lower.
So make a great jump and fly to set the highest score during the game

Accomplish a goal in each level by making a roller-coaster track for a coaster train to make all the main heroes Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Peppermint Patty happy and cheer inside a coaster train while riding in front of different backgrounds including a pumpkin patch, theme park, village and more.

Equip your coaster with lots of different power-ups and good track formations to overcome the challenges.
You will get three lives for each run in which you can afford a couple of mistakes before you have to start over.

After collecting a significant amount of money throughout the tracks, you have to upgrade your power-ups or your train to increase its performance running on the track
Use the coins to unlock amazing new coaster abilities and special power-ups like booster rockets to make a super coaster

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