How to Collect More Bucks MVP Cards in Big Win NHL Hockey iPhone

To make more buck in big win nhl hockey hothead game, you can just link the game up to Facebook 50 Big Bucks and give your thumb`s up for its fan page to get 5 Big Bucks.

big win nhl hockey tips

Then, completing free offers on the TapJoy offer wall will also give you few bucks as well.
Moreover, taking part in a new event on the Event mode will give you the chance to win large Big Bucks as bonus rewards.
Leveling up your team with some experience levels will also give you a pile of big bucks

Playing and winning in Season mode will also earn you Big Bucks.
As in a description winning 10 season games will earn you 25 bucks, winning 20 games for 50 bucks, 100 Big Bucks for winning 40 games and 500 Big Bucks for going undefeated in that season.
Furthermore, getting to the playoffs in season mode will earn you 100 big bucks at a time.

Going to the store tab and watching videos will give you a chance of gathering 300 free coins for each video you are watching.
However, if the videos run out and close, just wait for few minutes, or close the app and open it back up then go back to the video watching screen in order to start watching again.

Except coins and bucks, various cards will also be the core to win in every season of this game
You begin the game with bronze cards, then as making some progresses you will have silver cards, gold cards, platinum cards, Big Star cards and MVP cards from which to choose from.

Open your silver card packs containing skill boosts, contracts and other assorted cards then keep opening silver packs to find silver player cards in there.
Then swap these in in place of the bronze player cards to rapidly increase your team score.

Gold card packs will be the key to earn platinum cards in which it will contain stat boosts, contracts and uniforms and will provide a big boost to your team and to rack up the Big Bucks as well.
Besides gold card, player card pack will also the key to earn platinum card pack

In order to get gold contract pack, you will have to get Big Impact packs containing gold Big Impact cards and Big Boosts to earn you platinum skill boost cards exclusively

In addition, the Big Stars pack is the key to get Big Star player cards while MVP cards are just as strong as Big Stars with better bonuses.
So go to the Quest for the Cup mode and win the Stanley Cup to earn these mvp card, gold and platinum cards to lead you to be the best teams in the game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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