How to Collect A Lot of Money Cash in Bike Assault iPhone

Bike Assault is a simple and fun throwback to classic gaming, you will be allowed to control a biker trying to rob a speeding armored vehicle with full of money by shooting it along the street, then you will deal with traffic while picking up gas canisters to keep running your bike.

bike assault tips

In the way of getting cash, all you have to do is to stay behind the armored vehicle then you must also plan your clean getaway after grabbing that cash.

Meanwhile, your route will sometimes get broken up by vehicles that get in your way.
At this point, you should be able to align yourself with it again, and keep shooting to collect the cash that falls out.

The gas canisters meter is in the upper left corner showing how much gas you have left.
When getting low meter, break away from your cash collecting long enough to pick up gas canisters appearing on the screen.
Doing so will give you quite a boost and allow you to keep the run going.

If y go for the highest score on top pf the leaderboards, you must collect as much cash as possible.
In line with this, you have to try to get as close to the armored vehicle as you can

When going after that armored vehicle, try not to collide with it – and pick up all the cash it leaves behind so that your cash will be increased indicated in the upper right corner of the screen.

In addition, during your attempt to get cash, the armored vehicle’s driver can take care of himself as he will attempt to box you into the upper or lower walls.
Therefore, if you see him motioning towards you, try to move out of the way until he moves back up again, then keep shooting for cash anyway.

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