Coin Cheats Blackmoor for iPhone

Blackmoor is a new parody side-scrolling action RPG, you will be introduced with a cast of six zany characters, each with very different fighting styles.

blackmoor tips

When playing blackmoor game, you have to learn available characters as well as their capabilities
Each character has different attack characteristics, so you can try each one to see which one you prefer and which one you play better with.

The privateer is a smaller target and launches faster attacks.
The brave is bigger and slower but has a longer range and more attack power while equipping weapon will give you a difference too.

In the beginning of the game, you usually equip the weapon with the longest range in order to make it easier to hit enemies that are further away.
However, for the purpose of boss battles, you must equip your privateer with a glove-type of weapon to make it easy to launch huge combos.
Hold the down button and hit A and he will do a sweep kick in rapid-fire mode, allowing him to hit an enemy multiple times in very short succession.

In order to earn a whole bunch of coins, you can go back to old stages – especially long ones with lots of enemies – and play them over and over for more coins
Doing so will also save up for new characters and load up on experience points as well as allowing you to strengthen your character greatly.

Just save your super move until you are in a tough spot, you can use either with a boss character or with loads of enemies on screen at once, so that you can land a massive combo then knock them all out.

After using for a moment, try to simply stand in place in the middle of a stage and let it recharge and use it again.
Do the same thing with your A+B attack.

In addition, when boosting skills, attack and defense are self explanatory.
According to this, speed and luck are a bit harder to quantify.

Thus you have to increase your speed to move faster and jump faster and higher, as well as recharging skills faster.
Try to increase luck so that you can increase your chances of finding better treasure as well as landing critical hits.

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