How to Make The Right Line Pattern on Blek for iPhone

In blek game, you must try to make line by connecting the black dots on the screen
This game is connect-the-dots games where you will have to connect colored dots on a playfield using a single moving line, which you draw.

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On the other side, you will be accompanied by black dots and other obstacles entering the picture, in which they will be forcing you to rethink what lines have to be drawn to move on to the next stage.

During the game play, every stage will provide a certain number of dots that need to be connected with a line that you draw on the screen.
In the beginning of the game, you should be nailing down this tactic in no time for first two or next stages along the way.

After making progresses through some stages, you will need to be more strategic in drawing your line to avoid black dots.
When you can draw your initial line, it continues to follow the pattern you gave it all the way across the screen.
The main point of this game is to figure out the right pattern to put together so you avoid the obstacles while hitting every dot in succession.

Some black dots will usually be scattered throughout the stage, in central areas where you will not be allowed to draw a straight line in order to collect the other dots.

At the same time, you will want to try and draw curved lines so that you can form a bouncing icon that should collect stray dots, while going over the black ones.

At this point, you should try to get the hang of what kind of arcs that you are drawing and you have to make them wide enough so that you can go on a collecting spree without hitting the others.
In the process, you can draw loops, squiggly lines and whatever else you think will connect the dots.

Your main duty is to connect all the dots on a stage
In line with this, if you cannot connect them, you can use the borders along the screen to direct your line if it is needed, in case the bouncing lines you design will not necessarily collect all the dots that you need.

When doing that action, you must take your time and figure out a pattern that will work properly for collection, then you can keep drawing your line until you get it right.

Meanwhile, you will be trying to solve each stage.
For such reasons, you must get through each stage in the most efficient way then you can move on to the next one.

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