How to Get Blood Energy Health in Injustice Gods Among Us on iOS

When playing in injustice among us game, you can regain power and energy for your card to unleash a faster attack in the battle
Every time, you do more successful moves you land to attack enemies, you will get more power.

injustice gods among us tips

Then accumulate enough power to unleash super moves.
You can do that by filling one of the empty containers on the bottom of the screen beneath the character, then click to activate.

Whilst playing this game you will also increase your energy level or having new cards in order to get your energy leveled up.
On the other side each has energy, and energy is drained by fighting against enemies in the battle.

This energy will naturally recovers over time or you can instantly fill a card’s energy fully by using recharge option.
And you can get more extra energy recharges as battle rewards or try having them on the recharge screen.

Before having a fight in the combat zone, you have to tap on the recharge button next to your team to see the recharge screen.
Make sure to always stay alert of your team in low on energy, so that you can try playing with other hero cards while they recover their energy power.

Just replay each battle that you have completed to generate extra credits.
Or you can have more power credits by hitting the credits button next to your credits total on the bottom of the screen.

Press the screen with two fingers to block the opponents attack.
But moves on the right moment as you will lose a small amount of health while blocking attacks from the enemies

Once the team is set, you will fight against the computer, and you can tag in and out characters of each equipped with individual health bars.
The control option is simple as you tap to punch, string together several taps for a combo and swipe left or right to unleash more powerful maneuvers.

So you will get more energy with the more strikes you land on enemies in the battlefield.
Once getting enough power, you will stand to pull off a Special Move that incorporates a character’s best attributes.

For Catwoman hero, she will scratch enemies with her claws.
For Green Arrow hero, he will fire an arrow straight into his adversary.
You will do this with such prompted commands, so swipe in a certain direction, and tap rapidly or line up a moving bar within a specific area.

After having battles, make sure to always save your progress in the Cloud.
If you ever delete your app, you can still restore all your progress, cards and credits through Cloud save.
Just log in to your Apple Cloud account then play this game to activate your Cloud save as it will necessary to back up each progress you have made.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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