Cash Cheats Bloodstroke for iPhone

In bloodstroke game, you play as Mai Lee aka Lotus, an Elite Private Security Agent for the Phalanx Company who is assigned to protect Doctor Koose, a computer developer

bloodstroke tips

Here, you must guide the Doctor to his destination through the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing whilst eliminating entire armadas of street thugs and soldiers trying to catch you and your client

On the other words, you will guide the doctor to run constantly towards the extraction point, and his health bar might as well serve as your own and if anything happens to him, the game is over

You will be running through a series of levels, while cutting bloody swathe through the triads and assassins sent to stop and shot you in every street.

Wearing the red trenchcoat and equipped with a melee attack, pistols and shotguns, you slay them up and down the streets so that you can even see the watery brushstrokes sweeping across the moving environments, whether in an accent on the road or simply swirling off the tops of the trees.

Throughout the game, you will move around the screen by using a virtual left thumb-pad, and executing a melee attack and you can use a separate button in the bottom-right corner for firing your equipped weapon, while two others are used for throwing grenades or giving Dr. Koorse a health pack.

Furthermore, every enemy you kill with a melee attack, you will be rewarded with a 3X score bonus and also earn you three-Lotus Flower finishing score.
So it is up to you either to use melee weapon for having high score or use your arsenal of upgradable weapons like pistols and shotguns.

In this game, you will freely run around as you like, murdering anything that gets in range.
When accomplishing your mission, you will be prompted to use melee attacks that are automatic if you are within range, and you can tap on a button to shoot your guns, and always target the closest enemies.

And the gun will also lock on to a target automatically when firing as long as you are aiming at the right direction, and melee attacks are as simple as running into an enemy’s path.
Meanwhile, items such as grenades and health packs can be accumulated, along with some cash scored at the end of a mission.

During the game, you can also take part in Peng’s Fight Club similar to a Horde mode, which involves fighting one’s way through waves of enemies and trying to stay alive as long as possible.

You are able to gather cash by doing everything from completing levels with a three-Lotus Flower rating, to chipping away at the three different arena mode levels, to checking off a long list of fun and easily obtainable achievements.

On the other side, you can also earn that cash for each completed mission so that you can use to purchase Doctor Koose’s equipment, armor, health and a variety of new weapons from grenades to rocket launchers.
With cash, you can give the scientist new powers like the bulletproof vests and extra hit points as well.

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