Boba Fett Table Cheats in Star Wars Pinball iPhone

In star wars pinball game, you must try completing each mission in the fantastically crafted tables to get force points
Here, you should accomplish every stage in 3 Star Wars-themed tables including Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett.

Star Wars Pinball

Training session in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back table will introduce you a new mini-game taking you completely out of the table and into a first-person mode where you control Luke Skywalker himself like locking the ball in the center slot starts up the mini-game.

In this Empire Table the Force will sometimes snag your ball before it goes into a gutter.
And Giant lightsabers will swing out over the table to deliver the ball onto one of your flipper ramps.
Meanwhile Darth Vader will rise up from within the table and Force-choke your ball into a fine powder.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars table as the second table will learn you to make various combos the 3D elements mini game including both Anakin and Ahsoka fighting Ventriss and battle droids, and even a gunship that flies in and lands mid-table to “carry troops” or your ball off to battle.
In mini game of this table droids will set up a shield over the lower that is center portion of the table, and you have to attack them from behind while making and using the side ramps in the right moment.

The Boba Fett as the third table equipped with a flipper layout that evokes the real-world Addam’s Family table and some truly steep ramp shots table is designed to challenge the most dedicated pinball experts.
When playing in that table you must learn how to take aimed shots on demand to lead you on highscore list.
So learn each table’s colorful layout while making combos to unlock boba fett table as the ultimate table to bring you becoming a better player

Playing on the main modes are easy to start and the flashing lights always show where to shoot next.
On the other side playing on the stacking modes will provide you several multiballs and table variety.

Meanwhile playing on the Boba Fett table will entertain you with Fett flying around on his jetback and Jabba the Hutt coming out to give bounty missions.

In Fett’s table the player must receive either Empire missions from Darth Vader or missions from Jabba the Hutt to earn respect for doing so, and defeat each of his bounty hunter rivals.

Boba Fett features Vader on his imperial ship representing the left half of the table, Jabba’s Palace in the right half, the sarlacc pit that the ball can actually fall into, and Han Solo in carbon freeze hovering above pit.

You will have a choice of five missions that are exactly the same by hitting every single lane and only offer more points and respect.
Experiencing the rare moment of hitting every lane in rapid succession and locking the ball or bounty onto Slave will feel like the most bounty hunter in the galaxy.

When playing this game you will just simple—tap on the left or right side of the screen for the left and right flippers, and pull down for the ball plunger then use the plunger and flipper buttons to reflect blaster fire to shoot the other characters.

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