Coins Cheats in Disney Super Speedway iPhone

In disney super speedway game, you have to prepare for racing with the other disney characters including Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Motorcity, Fish Hooks and Kick Buttowski.

Disney Super Speedway for iPhone

So just select your race then customize your ride with great wheels in your car in that you can also burn rubber in 3 circuits to show off your rivals.
In addition you can race with one of 13 disney channel and disney xd animated characters with a lot of fun.

Getting coins as a bonus can be really hard duty but you have to try winning every race with your upgraded cars to receive more coins and to unlock new difficulties and modes.

You can also earn coins for free by completing objectives in some races.
So that you can make some improvements for your car using these coins that you got from winning the race.

In order to win the race you can purchase power-ups during races to do some upgrades for your car.
To get better results you have to use power-ups while racing or combine two power-ups together.

Remember that when racing on the track you have to pick up items to increase your achievement.
Try adding thrusters, scoops and other items in order to increase speed, acceleration, handling and drift boost during the race.

Do some upgrades for the different parts of your vehicle to get turbocharged.
Just put the pedal to the metal in 9 different tracks for having a good racing.

You will also be possible to use weapons such as mines and rockets to get you in the first place most of the way and you can only take damage and spin out of control while watching helplessly as the competition sends you into sixth.

How to purchase some items needed for your car in disney super speedway game
You can tap an icon along the bottom left corner of the screen to acquire some random power-up.
You have to have shields as the temporary protection from enemies during racing on the track.
Try to combine a shield and rocket combo items in order to get different results in the race.

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