Money Gold Cheats Boom Tanks for iPhone

In boom! tanks game, you must complete each mission to earn gold cash as the main currency of this game
Here, you will just aim at your opponent and get to firing the other thanks at the right time.

boom! tanks guides

So test your skills to accomplish that action perfectly
Aiming is simple as you simply drag your finger so that the on-screen cursor stays on your target for the required time.
Then try to lock in the other one until the screen says “Perfect Aim!” to do the firing action.

As for firing off shells, you have to hit it as close to the center grid as possible.
The closer you get, the “perfect” shots for major damage will happen.

Once getting each battle completed, post-game stats are shown and money is awarded in which you purchase tune-ups to give boosts to your tanks.
Using the gold, you can purchase the other tanks for further missions.

In addition, become a V.I.P. will give you advantages for a free Elite tank with your first purchase, 50% more fuel, up to 25% bonus cash per victory and an extra daily assignment every day.

There will be six key areas namely Main Gun, Ammo, Armor, Tech, Aiming and Reload.
Upgrading Main Gun is vital as this is what you fire at those rival tanks with.
So upgrade this area as soon as possible, then take on the Daily Assignments and Challenges to get more cash and to level up the others.

Fuel in this game will also replenish itself after a certain amount of time in that you can buy tune ups for your tank and to get your armored combat vehicle a boost during battle.
Before going to the battle, you can personalize your tank with outrageous paint jobs and camouflage.

Completing the campaign missions will earn you cash currency to fully upgrade your tank, or save for a bigger, better, faster, stronger one.
And once collecting it, you can pimp your ride and spend cash only on upgrades
So save your gold for that new vehicle via the arms dealer.

There are four types of tanks offered in this game namely Rapid Fire, Charge Shot, Balanced, and Elite then there will be added with currently 17 tanks spreading out among three classes.

Rapid Fire tanks are less armored and do less damage, but they reload and fire much quicker than the other ones.
Charge Shot tanks are more heavily armored, and are capable of firing quickly, but they do a huge amount of damage if you wait for their charge meter to reach 100% before firing action.
Balanced tanks are capable of both methods, the speed and action.
Elite Tanks are similar with Balanced tanks, but are far more powerful and have better defenses.

After selecting your tanks, do some upgrades and try to purchase upgrades at the end of a play session. Purchasing those upgrades after running out of energy will result in them being there when you play next.

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