Bottle Chest Nuts Cheats First Wood War iPhone

In first wood war game, you can get some nuts, the main currency of this game by completing the missions
Then, you can use them for the procurement of resources and the creation of new warriors as well.

first wood war walkthrough

You and your army will go through twenty five missions that can be completed either in single play mode or in multiplayer mode.
Once getting the progresses through the missions, new battle units, tactical know-how’s, and controls will also be available.

You will get involved in the battle other players online or play through the single player campaign to save the Woodland from the evil king in the 3D real time strategy

There will be twenty battles that test your leadership skills and tactical knowledge to command your soldiers to win this war.
Remember your enemy will not mark time to wait for your powerful strike, so that show your strength and hostility to your army.

Over 20 unique battle locations in maps, three difficulty modes and dynamic AI will give different challenges for every player to make each battle unique

Meanwhile there will be over 50 types of different units, artillery and 20 kinds of defenses available so create them and lead them to the dynamic battles with your tactics and skills

Once getting your victory in each mission, you have to upgrade your armies and buildings then create new battle units as your new allies to help you in the battle

In addition the wooden soldiers will count on you to help them to win this war because the enemy is really strong and only a talented strategist can help destroy their allies

As a commander of a big army of wooden soldiers, you have to try to fend off the enemy attack, to defeat Metabol’s army, to take possession of his castle, and to restore peace to the Wooden Kingdom and get back the freedom of their homeland.

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