How to Do Perfect Jump in Bouncing Slime Impossible Levels for iPhone

Bouncing Slime Impossible Levels is an arcade game will boast incredibly challenging levels which will let you tap the screen so that you can help the ball of slime surpass dangerous platforms and enemies to reach a checkered flag.

bouncing slims impossible levels tips

Here, your slime will move at a fixed rate through the level and your job is to control it to jump while avoiding a spike obstacle or bridge a large gap.

During your attempt to solve each level, you will see lots of gaps that will be a challenge as you can actually fall unnecessarily by jumping.
Thus, you should measure the gaps carefully and only jump when you need to do so.

Later on, you will jump by simply tapping the screen, and you often meet many slimes to unlock, but these slimes will not give you different powers
And they can only jump around with each color available for a set of ten levels.
According to this, you will have to beat every level in order to play with all four colored slimes.

One thing important before starting to play this game is that you have to learn to time your taps perfectly whereby it will be the key to pass every level in this game

In line with this, you should find a rhythm for your taps and tap exactly at the right time otherwise you will eventually fail as one mistimed tap leads to another and eventually you will hit an obstacle.

In the beginning of the game, you will simply let the slime go and fall on that platform and prepare quickly for a new jump.
In line with this, try not to do a jumping when a lower platform follows and just do it if there is a spike on it.

Furthermore, you will sometimes get the urge to jump over a platform and “skip” it.
So when coming to this phase, do not try to skip a platform because basically the Bouncing Slime has to step on each platform.
Therefore, you have to find the best way to do it perfectly.

The spike on the ceiling obstacles will become more clustered in later stages, so that you need to time your jumps even more precisely.
On the other side, some portions of this game will require you to make several jumps immediately after one another.
For such reasons, you must navigate these segments by sliding into a groove and tapping the screen in a regular beat.

Theoretically, you must learn how to pass the levels in quick time.
In fact, it will really get difficult to complete a level without exactly knowing what is going to happen and you will have to do it pretty fast.

Because of this, make sure that you learn each platform and each spike, each jump and the exact moment when you have to jump.
And the main point is always to be quick for great scores.

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