How to Get Brainspin to Unlock New Planet Avengees iPhone

When playing avengees game, all you firstly do is to go through brainspin to go to the next planet
Here, you can make your way through the same group of levels while changing the home planet to alter the way the levels look with layouts.

avengees walkthrough

You will play amongst the various special characters players to gain access to along the way.
Those characters are a Femme or member of the Stitch Mafia, a grey guy is for basic smashing and a red guy is for, awkwardly, shooting lasers.

By joining pvp battle, you can go head to head against friends and other players across the globe in this mode
When playing in multiplayer mode, you have to build up your own fort defenses before trying to smash down you opponent in the combat.

So try harder to protect your team’s home turf on the galactic battlefield while soaring through space and battle your friends in a crazy, gossip fueled war of planetary cliques.

Select one of these character including Jockulus, BrainSpin, Rubion, YahMon or Zorm then get ready to hone your skills and powers in the quest to become the ultimate Avengee amongst others ones

You have to unlock game pieces in Story Mode in order to build and customize your own planet
So use your game pieces to strategically build your walls and buildings to protect your villagers in multiplayer battles as well.

Enjoy your adventure by playing in the different worlds such as in the Stitch Mafia, flirty like the Femmes or cool and Buff like Beefcakes
Afterward collect your achievements and build up your trophy case and see how you rank up against friends and the world.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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