Silver Coins Cheats in Breach and Clear for iPhone

When playing breach & clear game, you must create your squad and class then accomplish tasks to earn money cash
Here, you can command a four-man special operations team having duty of breaching buildings and clearing hostiles to complete missions.

breach and clear tips

When beginning to play the game, you will be able to create your squad including the US Navy SEALs, US Army Rangers, US Army Special Forces, and Canadian JTF2.

Once selecting the group that you consider the best for you, then you can add four soldiers to the squad by selecting their name, portrait art, and class.
There will be six available classes, each has a special role in combat and can gain six unique perks.

When being in the mission, you are the commander to breach and clear a single-floor building.
You will assign each of your troops to an exterior door to enter during the initial breach and you can split them up or keep them together.

Try to keep your fireteam together in the early stages then split them up when two men are enough to cover all angles upon entry.
Make sure to use your medic packs when you are in a safe place as this will cover you from the gun shot.

Use the breacher’s ‘throw and go’ ability to make the weapon sergeant’s suppressive fire so that it can distract to take a different route, or even try to flank your opponent during in the combat zone.
When pressing the “Breach” button, the lead squad member will kick open the door and your soldiers will proceed to their assigned locations.

If any enemies are there, the gun combat will happen automatically.
You can also throw a flashbang grenade, proceed at half-speed, or even set waypoints so they can stop, reassess, and then move on your mark.
And after about 5 seconds of realtime, the action will freeze and you can give your soldiers assignments again.

During in the mission “Own Every Angle”, you have get your soldiers to cover from the environment and their teammates then face the right direction to take on enemy threats.

Remember most enemies will only last one or two rounds in a firefight unless they have got really good cover during in the combat
Every mission in this game features 5 difficulties and the enemy positions will randomly appear every time you play a mission.

The difficulty of each mission will offer 5 possible stars to earn, based on how many turns it takes for you to clear the building in that those stars can be used to unlock new missions, locations, difficulties, and guns.

However, if you grab this game before its first update, you will have an exclusive golden M4 available in your gun shop.
Note that clearing a mission on a higher difficulty will not earn you the same number of stars on a lower difficulty.

After choosing the members of your squad and their classes, each soldier can be outfitted with a gun, a helmet, camo, a patch, and two consumable items.

Moreover there will be seven different types of add-on that can be used to customize the gun.
Once going through some missions, your soldiers will level up that will gain new perks periodically and 5 attribute points per level.

On the other side, unrealistic features and skills like instant healing, shooting through walls, and turning invisible will add depth to the different classes as they reach high levels.

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