Bucks Coins Cash Cheats in Small City iPhone

When playing small city game, you will be able to earn more small bucks by performing some activities and completing your citizens life goals to make them even happier and more productive

small city

Do more visit your friends online to help them out and check in on their progress in order to earn some bonuses including extra items
Collect more trophies by completing tasks to earn rewards and to increase your trophy level

You have to build the best restaurants, shops and townhomes to attract new citizens
Accessorize your citizens by giving them cute costumes and pets.

You have to manage a small town, or to be specific, a small street, to build houses, open shops, expand the street, and satisfy all needs of their citizens.

You have just do whatever the citizens need including a residence and a house
Give them jobs by opening a restaurant or a florist’s shop

Provide and send a taxi for them as a ride going around the city.
As a result you are going to keep your citizens and even attract more people to rent your houses and make a living in your street.
By doing so you will earn more money cash of giving them facilitation they need

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