Diamonds Cheats Bug Heroes 2 for iPhone

In bug heroes 2 game, you must collect food and parts before exploring each area throughout the game
Then, you will enjoy your time to explore each level in which it will be time to quickly retrieve any nearby goodies.

bug heroes 2 tips

Furthermore, you will meet an enemy bug along the way, and when meeting them face to face, the attack will last automatically.
Through this phase, you will level up your heroes, and you also gain access to your bugs’ special abilities.

When their level has been increased, now it it the time to upgrade them whereby your bugs will fight on each stage.
Before sending them to real challenge in the combat, make sure to equip your heroes with power-ups which will defend them during the play.

After making some progresses through some missions, you will be allowed to purchase some upgrades for increasing –your bugs’ attacks and defenses
On the other side, your base and your outposts will constantly generate coins.
Moreover, you are able to earn coins for beating up some incoming villains as well.

On the other side, some stages will allow you to set up outposts in that these outposts will generate coins for you to collect
With these outposts, you can ease the burden of defense on your main turrets, and also let you scout further ahead in relative safety.

Once having enough money, you can put it back into upgrading in which these upgrades will only last as long as the level, and they will have to be re-applied for each new campaign at one time.

In the way of upgrading your heroes, stars will also take a role as well
In line with this, you can earn stars in battle, and you can go back into fortifying your heroes with permanent upgrades.

Then all you will do is to access the upgrades menu from the bug hero selection screen and do some upgrades to all your bugs.
Except doing for some upgrades, you have to get special abilities like the power to pierce through armor, which will be your main protection along the game.

Before you start a mission, look at the insect dictionary for advice on how to take down enemies and consider consulting the enemy dictionary as well.
The dictionary will tell you about the enemies you will encounter up to that point, and offers stats as well as informing you on how they move, and how you should attack.

Meanwhile, your bug heroes will act as a team, or move on independently along the game.
Therefore, if you are going scouting, simply leave one hero behind to guard the stash.

One thing you should notice is that do not eat your own food stocks
According to this, your bug heroes will eat food stocks they are defending if they need to restore hit points.

If you want to earn some diamonds without real-world cash, you can alternatively accomplish every given mission that will award you with diamonds.
With those diamonds, you will be allowed to purchase and equip scrolls that can change your heroes’ abilities and apply buffs as well.

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