How to Complete and Solve All Levels in Burger Star on iPhone

When playing burger star super chef adventure game, you must try getting three stars throughout the available stages where you will play as a chef in which you can open your own restaurant and you will be also be a doctor who can use medical tools like the X-ray machine and tweezers to treat the injured chef during his duty

burger star tips

Later on, you will also be tested of how to flip burgers, slice potatoes, make delicious french fries, homemade ketchup and you have to clean up after messy customers eating the burger

Along the game, you will be challenged to get three stars in all stages
Therefore, you will play each level until you get the three star rating, whereby you will need as many stars as possible to unlock new levels
So you will have to try to earn burger stars and advance to new levels as you successfully complete each treatment along the way

When you are playing the levels where bombs appear, make sure not to hit them.
It will be best to just take your time and perform the tasks by making sure that you avoid the bombs.

Meanwhile, you must also learn the patterns in each level
Every level in this game has a particular pattern and a type of action that you have to perform.
For such reasons, you must overcome multiple different levels by completing each challenge

In line with this, yo have to learn the patterns and learn to do them as fast as possible such as the tapping when wrapping the burgers, the sequences for the eating contests etc.
The cleaning levels in this game are the most difficult levels to beat, as they require you to be extremely fast.

Because of this you must play the first time to learn how to use each tool like an air blower, dustpan and more
Clear off tables for new customers to keep your restaurant looking spic and span
Afterward, you can replay and use them in the correct order and places, as fast as possible, so that you will get get the three star rating

In this game, you should customize your chef with the perfect Super Space look
Moreover, you can dress him up in the hottest outfits around with a selection of hats, aprons, accessories and more items
On the other side, you will be allowed to play awesome games like burger eating contests and tomato catching games

The main point is you will challenge your customers to see who can eat the most burgers
And you can even take on expert levels for hours of extra fun as well
Then you will be also assigned to wrap and toss burgers to feed hungry customers

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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