How to Collect A Lot of Bux in The Redneckoning on iPhone

The Redneckoning is an arcade action shooter game, where you play as Roscoe and challenge to shoot all enemies invasion with powerful weapons and special abilities.

the redneckoning guides

Here, all you will do is to shoot the incoming enemies as well as getting many bux
Just shoot the barrels to get it exploded and make double kills to get more points and Bux
In order to unlock or generate more rage, you can firstly activate the buffs like Riled Up.

Shooting the power-ups in the field will give you a chance to have extra abilities so that you can enhance your weapons, or health packs to replenish your HP.
Stay aware of the foul critters hidden behind the bush, then fire continuously to exterminate the alien hordes as quick as possible before they get close.

Use special abilities like Artillery Strikes and Nucular ‘Splosions to shoot all enemies then activate Riled Up buffs to generate more rage.
In having massive gunshot, you can shoot power-ups in the field like Incendiary Rounds which can turn into a fiery death dealing machine.
As aliens gib and goo splatters across your vision, you must wipe away the gore and keep your finger on the trigger to make your weapons shoot them.

Shoot enemies as much as you can to increase your score then put it on the leaderboard to show who is the best of this game.
When being in the battle, you will just title to aim, touch to fire, and swipe to clear up the gore on the screen while completing over 19 achievements

In the way of your mission, you will have to unlock and activate 4 rage abilities and collect various collectible power-ups to help you shoot different types of aliens with unique abilities

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