Bux Coins Cash Cheats Rad Soldiers iPhone

In rad soldiers game, you will simply assemble a squad of fearless soldiers and send them into turn-based multiplayer battles against your friends online

Rad Soldiers

Then, you can use the unique special abilities of your soldiers to turn the tide of battle and come up with hilarious new ways to give your opponents eating bullets and dust to their base.

Keep playing to level up your squad so that you can master new abilities and use the spoils of war to unlock brand-new soldiers, weapons, and outfits for your ever-growing army.

You can train and test your skills offline in single player challenges
Customize your squad members and get new characters guns and gadgets to prepare for fighting against other players online

You can also cheat through a bunch of single-player missions to level up and collect cash to unlock new weapons and other items

By doing single player missions you will have a crew equipped with all manner of great weapons and armored clothes in which you will be ready to take the fight online.

Remember that every member of your team has a limited number of action points to spend each turn in which you can move, shoot, activate equipment, heal teammates, and otherwise battle for objectives.

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