Where to Find Some New Units Cards in Calculords for iPhone

In calculords game, you must focus on single one lane in order to win each stage by reaching and destroying the enemy headquarter
Here, timing of your card plays will be as important as building your deck.

calculords tips

In order to do so, you will only have to reach it through one of the three available lanes.
In line with this, always not spread your forces on the three lanes and just focus on a single one.
Therefore, try to overpower the enemies so that you can reach the headquarter before they are able to reach your base.

When playing this game early on, try not to grind if you cannot complete a mission
On the other side, leveling up your character will allow you to improve your cards and their stats.
This game will allows you to multiple copies of units in which you can create two copies of the same units at one time.

However these units usually come to very low health and are not suited for defending lanes.
So try using them right behind a more sturdy unit, whereby they can help them overpower the enemies on a single lane.

If you want units with both offense and defense, you can have pushers then use them in lanes that require defending, because these units can slow the enemy progress with their superior health.
Moreover, using bikers and high speed units will be great mobility and useful ways to use them in order to achieve a quick victory

According to this, just get them on lanes that are lightly defended and you have to make sure to get all or most of the enemy units on a single lane to unleash them in the others.
As a result, you will reach the enemy headquarters in a quick time and get your victory as well.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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