Medals Gold Coins Cheats in Call to Arms iPhone

In call to arms game, you must try to earn more coins cash and medals in missions challenge
Here, you can see a cartoon style military strategy game in which you will be allowed to build your own base, recruit troops, create an alliance and battle against enemies for your victory.

call to arms tips

Therefore, all you have to do will rely on some goals accomplished by your army
The main goal of this game is to attack the others base and to defend against opponents when they attack your base

Because of that, you will gain or lose Medals that are called trophy in Clash of Clans
This will be based upon how you will overcome and win every combat so that it will lead you to collect medals and to climb up to the top of the leaderboards.

Furthermore, you will be prompted to complete missions to earn Gold and resources that you will need for your base
Playing in single-player missions and attack real player’s based will give you medals to collect as well.

Mission-based challenge will also give you with Coin and XP and you will also get a chance of collecting daily free bonus items from the Cargo Plane Airdrop as well

This game will allow you to team up with an Alliance to invade and conquer on combat zone
In this occasion, you can raise your army to the top with real-time strategic combat then coordinate with allies and take on rivals to decide who will dominate the global war in this game

In order to get territories and prizes, you have to invade the others base but you have to strengthen your base from incoming attack as well.
So try defending your base with epic firepower then upgrade your fighting force of your troop to get your glory and fame

Because of making Alliances with friends, you are able to trade resources each other to fulfill your base need along the game
Meanwhile, you can also get resources by stealing resources from abandoned base so that you can protect your base with upgradeable defenses

As making progress through the game, you will be able to develop secret weapons that will increase the attack skill of your army so that they will have additional advantages in combat zone.

Before going to battlefield, this game will test your skill and simulate attacks on your own base to build strategy for having a good defense
Moreover, unlocking and upgrading army soldiers will make you have special attacks for doing invasion

After deploying all of your troops, they will go from your camp to make a history of conquering the others base and collect the resources
By winning the battle, you will get a chance to survive your base and your troops for further missions.

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