How to Solve All Levels in Can You Escape Tower iPhone

When playing can you escape tower game, you must find any clue in each object that will help you discover a way out of each room by using any means necessary you can find in that room

can you escape tower tips

Meanwhile, you can find tools like taking a candlestick off a table or hammering a hole in the wall.
Every room in this game will give you a specific riddle, where one that allows you to try a whole host of combinations and ideas for its puzzles.

Firstly, click on the pile of skulls to the left.
Then click the pile and you will add a bone to your inventory.
Afterwards, you can hold onto that for now.

Just click again on the pile of rocks to the right of the screen.
Click around the pile so you can grab a rock and place it in your inventory.
Drag the rock to the bone to make a hammer.

After making the hammer, you can now click on the brick wall in which one brick should be standing out more than the others.
When seeing this, smash the brick away with the hammer.
Now, you can grab the scroll.

Once grabbing the scroll, you can go over to the lock on the prison door.
You need open the lock of the scroll with the key.
Note that the lines you are seeing represent the light grey area on the lock, not the darker squares.

When getting to the level 2, first thing you will do is to check the shield on the wall and remember the pattern.
Later on, tap on the desk and replicate the pattern
Try to do it well in order to get a key.

Once getting the key, go over to the locked gate.
Now you can open it and grab the ball and chain off the floor.

Just take the ball and chain then smash the wall on the right.
Doing so will get you a sword.

The grab the sword and use it to smash open the chest.
You can find a rod inside the chest.
After getting the rod the rod, you can break through the circle on the floor so that you can escape the room in this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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